The Limited Health covers the cost of your dog only.
We are not responsible for the associated charges,
such as shipping, veterinarian fees, mental stress or
low sugar .

To Qualify for this Guarantee, you must have your
puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian of your
choice within 72 hours of the date of purchase and a
copy of the receipt from this visit must be mailed to
us immediately for our records. (Starts at shipping or
time of pickup.)

*Should the puppy be diagnosed within one year of
any congenital/hereditary disorder, which is
considered by two unassociated Veterinarians to
seriously impact the quality of life, short of
Euthanasia, or require continuous medical treatment
throughout the course of the puppy's life we will
provide the buyer with these options:

A. Should the buyer choose to keep the puppy and
accept partial refund, with receipt of proof of
spay/neuter and return of AKC and/or UABR papers,
a refund of 50% of purchase price will be issued.

B. Should the buyer choose to give up ownership of
the puppy to us, We will replace the puppy or refund
the purchase price less any shipping charges. AKC
and/or UABR papers must be signed with a transfer
to us.

Size, color,bite, temperament and hair length of
cannot be guaranteed.

This puppy has been fed Eukanuba Small Breed
Puppy. This food is high in fat content and lowering
his intake with a lower fat content puppy food or
depriving the puppy the right quantity of food may
result in low blood sugar (sugar shock), which can
be life threatening. Food and water must be made
available to small and toy breeds at least 6 times in
a 24 hour period {food and water should be available
to puppy at all times}. A puppy requires a minimum
of 16 hours sleep and rest a day. An exhausted or
tired puppy will neglect food to get its required rest
and sleep, resulting in low blood sugar.

AKC and/or UABR papers will be mailed to you or
be in your puppy pack on top of kennel.{Rabies Tag

By responding to this email you agree to the terms
of this health policy. You must respond before puppy
will be shipped.

Any legal litigations that may occur from this sale
must be filed and occur in Pulaski County Missouri.
Health Guarantee