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Here are some of the things people have said
after receiving thier puppies...
1      First Name:        Brandie & Damian                                    
Comments:  We loved our little Angel Papillon so much that we had to get her brother. We named
him                                       Pappis Second Chance, Chance. After a good night sleep he was in much higher
spirits, and he                               and Angel have wrestling and playing in the sun ever
2     First Name:        tracey                    
Comments:   I love your website an your puppies. I bought two chocolate merles they are the
greatest.                                  was so pleased they she gets them fixed for you too if you want. would come
back an do                                       business any time. Sorry it took so long! thank you so much !  from
3     First Name:        shonna                    
Comments:    Hello Brenda, We named her Dottie or Dot for the spot on her butt and tail. She is
beautiful                                and healthy. She is bouncing around our house! We are very pleased! Thank you
again for all                                  your great help! Ill send some pictures later.                    
4     First Name:        Brandie & Damian                    
Comments:   Thank you so much for all that you do with your puppies! It was so wonderful to meet you
and                               your furry family this past weekend. Most of all, I am so blessed to have been able to
find                                  such a loving and caring breeder. We have named our beautiful Lemon &                     
5     First Name:        Phoebe                    
Comments:   Brenda thank you for answering every question we had a providing me with a great
friend!                                    everyone thinks hes just the cutest thing! i love him!                    
6     First Name:        aloma                    
Comments:    i purchased the little parti poodle last mo and iam completely happy with him, he is
healthy                                   smart and at 5 months old he weighs 3 and one half pounds of pure energy, thanks
so much                                  we love him.                    
7     First Name:        Heather                    
Comments:   Jewels boy, Moose, is doing great! We all have grown to love him so much and he is
already                                   spoiled rotten and knows it. He adjusted well and loves everyone he meets as
well as                                           everyone loves him. Even the nurse at the vets office fell in love and
8      First Name:        Brandy                    
Comments:   Thank you Brenda! We love our new girl - Trixy (PappyPom)! She is doing fabulous and
spoiled                               but everyone already! As I write she is napping beside me on the couch. We couldnt
have                                      asked for a better little lady. Thank you so much!!                    
9      First Name:        Cyd                    
Comments:  I inquired about a puppy from Brendas kennel at another website, but it had already
been                                    sold. Brenda referred me to her website where I found just what I wanted: a
beautiful                                      pure-bred papillon female adult at a very reasonable price. Brenda was honest
10    First Name:        Debbie                    
Comments:    Dear Brenda, My new baby boy is doing GREAT!!! As you know, he is my third puppy from
you                                and as usual, you sent a happy, healthy, well adjusted puppy. I cant believe how well
they                                      handle a long flight from Missouri to New York. They get out of the
11     First Name:        jeffrey         
Comments:    Thanks for everthing. We are very happy with Gabby now we call her Sable.         
12    First Name:        Melody         
Comments:     My rare little piece of blue heaven, Nightmare (Lace blueboy 1) is an adorable puppy.
Great                                 temperment, smart, quick learner and oh so lovey. Hes calm and mellow, yet fiesty
and                                         playful, gettng along well with, Boogieman, my 7 yr old black Pom. Brenda, yo         
13    First Name:        Dixie         
Comments:     Thank you for answering all my questions. Got Sassys Girl Friday and my whole family
just                                    loves her, and everyone else where ever I take her. Fun when we are a lone. She is
so loving.                                Sassy is setting on my lap sleeping as Im typeing this.         
14    First Name:        Linda         
Comments:     Thanks for selling me the sweetest little boy Pom. Your helpfulness made the decision
so                                     much easier. He is so healthy, happy and has a wonderful coat. If we ever decide on
another                                one, you will be the first person we call.Linda-Rosendale, Mo.         
15    First Name:        Tabetha         
Comments:      Brenda, I wanted to thank you so much for KOKO( formerly Blondies Boy). He is such
a                                         wonderful and loving addition to our family. He is going to be one spoiled little
puppy.thank                                   you so much.         
16    First Name:        Brandi         
Comments:      We drove 287 miles to get Timber (aka Gabbys boy 2), a precious little Pomeranian. He
is                                    the most sociable cute little guy! You can tell he has been loved on and treated well. He
is                                    even going to the door to potty and it is only his 2nd day home! Thank yo         
17    First Name:        Jacquie         
Comments:      Brenda, Jon Pierre, formerly Sassy Boy won our hearts on the way home from
Missouri.                                       Jon is so cute, smart and an adorable addition to our family. I do not believe I
have ever                                      seen such a cute boy pup. He is a wonder-thank you so much! I can tell you
18    First Name:        Becky         
Comments:     Brenda,I want to thank you for the lovely toy poodle we got from you. She was kind of
shy                                    at first but now shes just bursting with energy. She gets every ones attention. Every
one                                     that sees her thinks she is so cute they want to take her home.I tell themNo,N         
19    First Name:        Karina and Kayla         
Comments:     I have your male toy poodle and I just wanted to thank you for our loved pet. He is
doing                                     great and adjusted just fine. He is very playful and is apart of our family now. I
just                                            wanted to say THANK YOU! Zeus is the best puppy ever.         
20   First Name:        Corette         
Comments:     We recently brought our little Junebug home and she is doing great. So much personality
in                                  such a tiny package. She is healthy, smart and friendly. We love her. Thanks Brenda!         
21    First Name:        Christy         
Comments:     THANKS BRENDA! Love our 2 little Papillons! Very happy healthy pups! Great additions
to                                    our family! It was a pleasure to deal with you! ~Christy & Darren         
22   First Name:        Doug         
email:        douglas.hawkins!         
Comments:      Brenda, It is so hard to believe that it has been almost 2 years since we purchased
our                                        babies. They are absolutely the most wonderful things, ever! They made the flight
to                                            Germany just fine, and they have settled in to their new home wonderfully. My
23    First Name:        Jason and Dawn Anderson         
Comments:     We just love our new puppy, Oliver (aka-Mamas Boy 3) He is SO sweet and is a perfect
fit                                  for our family. He has been going potty outside for us and is getting acclumated to his
new                                   surroundings. We had such a great experience purchasing our puppy and woul         
24    First Name:        Patti         
Comments:     Mojo is definately one of a kind! Hes one of the sweetest dogs Ive ever had! Brenda
take                                    wonderful care of her babies and keeps in touch to make sure they are doing good. I
will                                      definately come back for another baby! Thanks Brenda!         
25    First Name:        Rachel         
Comments:     Mamas Boy 1 aka Cheech is a very happy and sweet puppy. We love him. Thank you
very                                         much for everything.         
26     First Name:        Shasta         
Comments:     My husband and I contacted Brenda, the breeder, about purchasing Tashas Boy. She
was                                     knowledgeable and very friendly when asked questions by us. When we decided to
buy the                                   puppy Brenda was great about the whole process. My husband and I actually
drove fro         
27      First Name:        Marc         
Comments:   We are so happy to have Blossoms C in our family. He arrived safe and sound.
Thanks                                            for getting him to us quickly and on time. We are happy to welcome him to our
home. We                                        have decided to name him Fuego (fire) because he seems like a real
firecracker. I         
28       First Name:        Beverly         
Comments:   We would not hesitate to recommend happy paws puppies to any of our friends looking
for                                   a puppy. Thanks Brenda for your support during this process. God Bless. The
29        First Name:        Beverly         
Comments:   My husband and I decided we wanted another pom and after seeing Chips Boy now
known                                     as Scooter we decided we wanted to see if he was available. We received him on
Dec.                                          30th. He is a beautiful, smart, playful little puppy and we love him immensely. We
30        First Name:        Beverly         
Comments:  Brenda, I must admit I was somewhat skeptical about purchasing a pet over the
internet.                                    However, we contacted you through after we had to have our 14
year old                                       pom put to sleep.It was very difficult to have this done, but we had no choice.
31         First Name:        Jean Graves         
Comments:  I think we got our Chihuahua from you in May 1998... he was from a litter of two that
you                                       called Blondy and Dagwood... we call him Radar and love him so much!         
32        First Name:        Denise         
Comments:   We all love our new addition to the family. Bella is an absolute joy and is so mellow.
She                                         gets along well with the other animals. Thanks to Brenda, my male beagle will be
getting                                       married by christmas. Thanks again.         
33        First Name:        Samantha         
Comments:   Thank you so much Brenda! We love our new little guy! He is already settling in. We
still                                        havent picked a name for him yet though, as soon as we do i will let you know, we
will be                                        buy to visit in a few weeks! You made us feel so comfortable and welcome,
34         First Name:        Jo Ann         
Comments:   I bought a puppy from Brenda and it he more precious than I thought. He is
georgous                                           looking. He is very mellow tempered and he is very loving. My husband did
not like dogs                                        and now the puppy is his favorite dog. Brenda delivered puppy as she
indicated and          
35        First Name:        Susie         
Comments:   Brendas babies are PERFECT! I have 4 chis as pets from her, all different all
perfect.                                         Brenda is so great at breeding these wonderful babies. She is always honest
and cares                                        about you and the pups.         
36         First Name:        Cheryl         
Comments:  Thank you so much for allowing us to buy Skittles and bring her into our home .She is
an                                         absolute doll and a mommas girl .She knows how to sit , walk on a leash and we even
took                                      her to eat at the restaraunt with us in her little doggy purse . She is such          
37         First Name:        Doris         
Comments:   Hi! We were so nervous about buying a puppy on-line and you made this such a
pleasant                                         experience. Our beagle puppy is such a delight to our family. We are so
pleased to have                                       her. Thank you so much!!         
38         First Name:        Deona         
Comments:   I thought i would thank you for the new part of are family we got Elekra a her name is
now                                   Rose the kids and other pets just love her . thank you !!!         
39         First Name:        Alberta         
Comments:   Brenda- recieved Mandie E and Halo A yesturday.both are doing great. we kept the
cute                                     pair and from the best breeder. will recommend you 100% they have great energy.
thanks                                   again for our beautiful family.-- Alberta         
40         First Name:        Angelique         
Comments:   Hi Brenda. Thank you soooo much for our two beautiful beagle puppies. They are
adorable.                                   I also wanted to thank you for your quick responses and sending them so quickly.
It is also                                   nice to know how much you care by following up and wanting to know how          
41          First Name:        Alfred         
Comments:   Bindi has been a joy to have. She is an awesome dog with a great personality. Thank
You                                        Brenda!         
42         First Name:        Lori         
Comments:    Brenda,Thanks for two of the sweetest dogs we have owned. From the first contact
with                                     you everything has gone wonderful. The dogs were great when they got off the
plane and                                     are such people dogs it is wonderful.Our 6yr old grandson came over and they
43        First Name:        karina         
Comments:    thank so mutch for my lil pom Chips boy hes so gr8 and so healthy Hes my lil cesar
thanks                                     so mutch you brought joy to my hart ...Karina         
44        First Name:        Mary         
Comments:     Thank You Brenda!!! Fifi is exactly what I was looking for. She is so cute and lovable.         
45        First Name:        Sarah         
Comments:    thanks Brenda for our adorable little boy Desi (Didto). we love him to pieces. I was
glad                                       to be able to meet you. Ill be sure to let my friends know about you! thanks,
46        First Name:        Jean         
Comments:    Hello Brenda, Just a note to let you know that Dally is doing well and adjusting to her
new                                    home. She is happy with my other dogs, and she is really trying to be the boss!
However                                        my older Chis are not letting this happen. She loves to play and gets alon         
47        First Name:        Mandy         
Comments:   Brenda has the cutest and sweetest puppies around. They al have great temperments
and                                   I know this for a fact because I cant stop buying them from her!!! They are all
wonderful                                     and smart. Thanks again for Mousey!!! Mandy         
48         First Name:        Chantelle         
Comments:   Thank You Brenda for all you did to get our puupy to us! You made a point to keep
in                                              touch with us through and Ice storm and sending us update when your generator
was                                            running. You were awsome to deal with and I would reccomend you to anyone.
We are very         
49         First Name:        Lauren         
Comments:   Hi Brenda, I was just dropping by the site to see how the other puppies look now and
i                                          noticed your guestbook is up and running. Anyways I wanted to thank you so much
for                                          Merlyn (LAcee-D). He is so wonderful am I am so happy to have him in my life.

50        First Name:         Aaron
Comments:    I was very pleased with the way everything worked out. Brenda meet me in St. Louis.
I                                         have had Bently (fizzys boy 1) for almost a week and had at least 20 people
compliment                                       me on how cute he was. My girlfriend told me that she got probably the
greatest pr

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