Please email or call me with
any and all questions
you may have about puppies.
Brenda Wingfield
Laquey,Mo 65534
Here are some of the things
others have said after
their puppies....
We are going crazy......Terrie was able to get a flight an hour earlier and we were
standing right inside at the
airport.  What a friendly, beautiful dog and she took to all of us.  The kids would only
let me hold her a second
then it was MY TURN...NO, ITS MY a whisper.  We warned them about
being loud.  Bonita
looked at her in shock!  I think she will be fine.   Pepsi is more beautiful than I
expected her to be.  We are so
happy and pleased.
Terrie sure got a lot of attention at the airports, from the baggage handlers to the
Terrie said you were very nice.  I showed her the two  pictures and she said you
were 10 times prettier than the
pictures!  Nice compliment. She said you had the most beautiful blue eyes!!!!!!
Pepsi is having a ball running  through the house and we are totally shocked that
she knows how to fetch!!!!!!!   
She has been carrying a little stuffed animal around.  I have her water and food.  
She did drink water on the way
and nibbled food.
I have made steps up to the den couch and she has gone up and down, up and
down.  The steps are made with
pillows!!  Bonita just recently learned to do that.
Thank you for the records and for our beautiful new baby.  TERRIE SAID::::::she will
see me again!!

Dear Brenda:
She is beautiful (cuter in person than in the photos) and such a good girl!  As I told
you on the phone, she's already
going pee-pee on the pads (no accidents since day 1, but don't forget, it was her
1st day in a new home), comes when
I call her, and sleeps through the night without any accidents either!  If you ever need
a recommendation regarding
quality, health, and personalities of your puppies, don't hesitate to use my name.  I
am a registered nurse studying for
my Family Nurse Practitioner's degree, and I know quite a bit about canine health
as well as human health. You are a
wonderful and responsible breeder. Thank you for my puppy!  
          Sincerely, Karen Roach
PS. I'm thinking of calling her "Sophie".  What do you think?

"He is the cutest little guy and so sweet. My other Chihuahua seems to really like

I picked up Isabella (that's the name I choose for her) from the airport right on time.  
was scared but she calmed down very quickly.  She loves to be with me at all times
right up on my lap (where she is sleeping right now).  She went to the vet yesterday
checked out to be in very good health.  We go back in a couple weeks for our next
set of
shots.  I am trying to teach her to potty in a litter box, which has been quite
successful thus
far.  She has only had 2 accidents.  She eating and drinking well.  Last night she
slept in her
crate for most of the night, she only cried a little.  I will send pictures soon, she is
photogenic.  She fits in perfectly with my family...

Snookums arrived safely in Seattle. She is adorable! We are sooo
happy to
have her as part of our family.
I will keep in touch and let know how she is doing!

Seven aka Snookums is going wonderful. She has adjusted in very well
past couple of days. She is just so full on energy and is just a love bug!
She plays well with our other Chihuahua too. She met our 2 cats and
one of the cats outside and barked at the other cat who was sleeping under
the Christmas tree. We are so happy to have her!

Seven is doing wonderful. She gets along fabulously with my other
and our cats. She has a favorite ball that she plays soccer with. Its
adorable to watch her. She will spend hours just playing with that ball but
she does tend to loses it under the couch quite a bit and you have to get it
for her. My girls love cuddling with her and think she is precious.

Hello from San Francisco,
Reggie has changed our lives in the best way. I can't express how much love he has
brought into our house!
We don't want to do anything without him. I own my business, so I take him into work
with me everyday. He is never
alone. We just got back from a road trip to Utah and Reggie had a lot of fun in the
car and at the places we visited.
He's becoming quite a traveler. We are taking him into the Vet tomorrow for a
check up and shots.
I will send you pictures very soon.
Thank you so much for helping bring Reggie into our home!

The puppy is doin great. We love him to death. The
house breaking is going good, he has had some mistakes but thats alright. My son
tells me how much he loves him. The vet
said he is great. When I get some pics, I will send them to you. Can't tell you how
happy he has made us. Can't wait every
nite to get home from work to play with him. He sleeps with me every nite.  He is so

About the English Springer

Just wanted to let you know that "Brutus" is doing wonderful.  He is an absoltely (sp)
beautiful dog.  Tomorrow he is going for his first hair cut.  I have been taking him to
puppy classes at Petsmart and he is doing really well.  Potty training is good on
days and not on others but he is a baby.  He gets along great with my other two
My female loves him like he were her baby.  She is fixed so she could never have
own puppies. I am so very glad that I got him from you.  He is going to be a big boy.  
The last time he went to the vet about 3 weeks ago he weighed in at 28 lbs.  No
where he is now.  He is really so very pretty and such a sweetheart.

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